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How-the-Economic-Machine Works--A-Template-for-Understanding-What-is-Happening-Now-Ray-Dalio-Bridgewater  

How the Economic Machine Works

Ray Dalio | October 2008 (Updated March 2012): The economy is like a machine. At the most fundamental level it is a relatively simple machine, yet it is not well understood. I wrote this paper to describe how I believe it works.

AW Strategy Preview  

The All Weather Strategy

This is the story of how Bridgewater Associates created the All Weather investment strategy, the foundation of the ‘Risk Parity' movement.

Bridgewater Daily Observations  

Bridgewater Daily Observations

The Daily Observations is Bridgewater's flagship research publication. For the last 37 years, it has grown to become the "must-read" daily analysis by thousands of investors and policy makers around the world.

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Risk Parity & Portfolio Construction White Papers

White papers that discuss portfolio construction and Bridgewater's creation of the risk parity approach.



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