Technology Hires

Technology at Bridgewater

Technology is central to Bridgewater’s mission. Our philosophy of systematic problem solving goes hand in hand with original technology solutions.

Our Technologists get involved in creative problem solving directly with the people using our systems. From lightning-fast trade processing platforms to cutting-edge data visualization and manipulation tools, we need talented builders and shapers who can punch through some of the most difficult technical problems and innovation challenges around and produce solutions that make real-world impact throughout our business.

With so many different technology specialties and problem sets at Bridgewater – from our Technology Associate program to our Application Development, Infrastructure/Operations and Technology Management opportunities, you have the ability at Bridgewater to explore what’s right for you and what development path will suit you best.

See what some of our Technology team have got to say about working at Bridgewater. Then check out the positions available on our job bank in the IT/Technology section to see if we’re the right fit for you.

Dan - Software Engineer


Lauren - Software Engineer


Gioel - Product Manager